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WCCS High Ability Program


By fostering the development of skills across the cognitive and affective areas, students can become more effective, intellectual, and creative.  To meet the needs of these high ability students, home and school must unite to encourage and nurture the development of creativity, higher level thinking skills, and research skills with experiences and materials that extend the regular curriculum.

 Program Goals

Program Design - The development of appropriate programming for HA learners must be an integral part of the general education school day.


Identification - HA learners must be assessed to determine appropriate educational services.  WCCS’s identification procedures are equitable, comprehensive, and ongoing.  They reflect the Indiana definition of HA students and identifies at a minimum those students with HA in the general intellectual domain, specific academic domains, and other areas as identified by WCCS.


Curriculum and Instruction - The HA learner will be provided an opportunity to work with a differentiated curriculum in a flexible educational setting.


Counseling and Guidance - Implementation of a counseling and guidance plan to support the unique socio-emotional needs of HA students. 


Professional Development - Professional development opportunities are offered for all school staff involved in the education of HA students.


Program Evaluation - An annual program evaluation is undertaken to improve the effectiveness of services to HA students.


High Ability (top 1-3% of each grade level) - Performs at or shows potential for performing at an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment; and is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, or interests. 


High Performing (top quartile) - The High Performing student is usually highly motivated and has a strong work ethic.

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  High Ability Program Overview
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 District High Ability Coordinator

Dr. Laura McDermott,

Assistant Superintendent

(260) 244-5771 extension 1141